Ride Guidelines

Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. chapter members.

We consider our riding season to be April 1st thru November 1st. Weather permitting, the Road Captains will plan a ride directly after each Monthly Meeting. Of course April and November will always be determined by weather. That's not to say a handful of individuals cannot take off on their own. So if you feel like riding, bring your bike to the meetings. These rides are one-way. After you complete an after meeting ride, you just head home or wherever you choose.

A single day Chapter ride is also a one-way trip. Generally speaking, on our over-nighters, the groups will ride together back to the dealer location on the last day. Some people will group up and ride towards home together, which is strictly up to the individuals.

Chapter responsibility ends when you leave the organized ride/group, whether a day ride or multi-day ride. All scheduled Chapter Rides begin at Grand Rapids Harley unless otherwise specified. You need to check your Newsletters or the Calendar for this and the time of departure. When arriving for a Chapter Ride or Dinner Ride, you should have your tank topped off and bladder empty.

The consumption of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety and welfare of family, riding friends and the individual H.O.G. member.

During all Grand Rapids HOG rides, we take a firm stance that the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any member who has been drinking before or during a ride will be asked to leave.


We vote at the beginning of each season on events and rides we wish to have. Members need to check our Newsletters or our Calendar for current and accurate info.